The M93 Long Range Rifle Black Arrow (Serbian: Црна стрела) is a modern military sniper rifle developed and manufactured by Zastava Arms of Kragujevac, Serbia. The M93 Black Arrow is designed on the basis of the Mauser system, which was, during its one hundred years long combat history, proven to be one of the most accurate and reliable bolt-action systems.

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Zastava M93 Black Arrow


The primary purpose of this rifle is long range engagement of hardly visible targets and due to that, it is provided only with optical sight, which is included in the rifle set (8x magnification with the division up to 1,800 m). Its mount can accept the sights of other manufacturers as well.

Members of the family were tested in numerous operations fought in both Serbia and the Macedonia in extreme conditions.

Design and FeaturesEdit

The Zastava M93 Black Arrow rifle is available in both DSHK 12.7 x 108 mm and Browning 12.7 x 99 mm NATO.

It is a bolt action, air-cooled, magazine-fed firearm with a fixed stock.

Individual characteristics:

  • Excellent balance
  • Stock with two spring buffers
  • Muzzle brake facilitating shooting (decreasing recoil by 62%)
  • Stock and forehand made of polymer, reinforced with glass fibers
  • Adjustable folding bipod – able to fit the size of the cover behind which the rifle is placed
  • Locking – Mauser system
  • Bolt guided along the whole length of its movement in the receiver
  • Heavy barrel for accurate and precise path of fired projectile of large energetic potential


  • Armenia
  • Georgia
  • Macedonia
  • Montenegro
  • Serbia
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

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